Figure 13.

Effect of estrogens, 17β-estradiol and Δ8,17β-estradiol, on AIF protein levels during glutamate-induced cell death in HT22 cells and primary cortical cells. A: HT22 cells were cultured and were treated as described under Figure 11. Cells were then harvested and total protein was extracted. AIF protein levels were determined by Western blot analysis. The bars depict densitometric analyses from at least three experiments (± SEM). *P < 0.05 compared to control; P < 0.05 compared to glutamate alone. B: cortical cells were isolated as described under Figure 11 and were treated with 1 mM glutamate in the presence or absence of 1 μM 17β-estradiol or Δ8,17β-estradiol for 6 hrs. Cytosol protein was isolated and AIF protein levels were detected as described under "Methods". Actin was used as a loading control.

Zhang and Bhavnani BMC Neuroscience 2006 7:49   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-7-49
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