Figure 5.

TNF-alpha-enhanced co-immunoprecipitation of NF-kB with anti-human huntingtin antibodies in HeLa cell extracts. a, Immunoprecipitated products with mouse monoclonal IgG1 anti-human huntingtin antibodies MAB2166 (lane 2) and MAB2168 (lane 4), and unrelated mouse monoclonal IgG1 antibodies anti-FLAG M5 (lane 3) and anti-myc 9E10 (lane 5) were probed by anti-NF-kB p50 antiserum, sc-114. Human NF-kB p50, but not p105, was co-immunoprecipitated with MAB2166 and MAB2168, but not with M5 or 9E10. Input protein lysate was in lane 1. b, Before lysis, HeLa cells were treated with TNF-alpha (lane 6). This increased the amount of the p50 co-immunoprecipitated with MAB2166 (lane 8). Control input and immunoprecipitation were in lanes 7 and 9, respectively. Detection by anti-NF-kB antiserum, ZK50, generated the same result (data not shown).

Takano and Gusella BMC Neuroscience 2002 3:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-3-15
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