Figure 3.

Gal4 mediated-inhibition of concomitant nuclear translocation of the carboxyl-terminal fragment of Drosophila huntingtin and dorsal. a,b, Dhd2194C-myc and FLAG-Dorsal were expressed under the control of Gal4-UAS system [31] by co-transfection of pUAS-Dhd2194C-myc, pUAS-FLAG-Dorsal, and actin5C-Gal4. The concomitant nuclear accumulation of Dhd2194C-myc and FLAG-Dorsal was not observed. Although a fraction of FLAG-Dorsal was distributed to the nucleus (a), it was mostly distributed to the cytoplasm (b). Apparent nuclear accumulation was not observed. c, LPS stimulation caused concomitant nuclear accumulation of FLAG-Dorsal and Dhd2194C-myc even in the presence of Gal4. d, Co-immunoprecipitation experiments were performed using proteins extracted from S2 cells expressing FLAG-Dorsal (lane 1: input, and lane 3: immunoprecipitated products by anti-myc A14 antiserum), and those expressing FLAG-Dorsal and Dhd2194C-myc (lane 2: input, and lane 4: immunoprecipitated products by anti-myc A14 antiserum). The proteins were expressed by Gal4-UAS system. Detection was performed with anti-FLAG M2 antibody. FLAG-Dorsal were co-immunoprecipitated with anti-myc A14 antiserum in the presence of Dhd2194C-myc (lane 4), but not in the absence of Dhd2194C-myc (lane 3).

Takano and Gusella BMC Neuroscience 2002 3:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-3-15
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