Figure 2.

LPS signal-dependent, concomitant nuclear accumulation of the prenylated carboxyl-terminal fragment of Drosophila huntingtin and dorsal. a, Dhd2194C-myc-CKML has a prenylation-mediated membrane-targeting motif, Cys-Lys-Met-Leu sequence, derived from Drosophila ras protein, at the end of Dhd2194C-myc. Co-transfection of pIZ-Dhd2194C-myc-CKML and pIZ-NLS-GFP-lacZ showed cytoplasmic distribution of Dhd2194C-myc-CKML. b, Co-expression of Dhd2194C-myc-CKML and FLAG-Dorsal causes dot-like staining without apparent nuclear accumulation of both proteins. c, LPS stimulation to the cells expressing Dhd2194C-myc-CKML and FLAG-Dorsal caused nuclear accumulation of both proteins. The same phenomena were observed using another prenylation motif construct, pIZ-Dhd2194C-myc-CAAC (data not shown).

Takano and Gusella BMC Neuroscience 2002 3:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-3-15
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