Figure 2.

AAV serotypes produce differing titers of virus following laboratory production. (A). Schematic diagram of AAV2 genome plasmids used in this study. AAV-RFP contains a red fluorescent protein gene (dsRed-Express) controlled by a mouse αCaMKII promoter that has been previously described [41]. AAV-misc has been previously described [43]. Both AAV2 genome plasmids contain genomes that span ~3300 bps (left inverted terminal repeat (ITR) to right ITR). (B). Viral titers obtained following iodixanol purification. (C). Viral titers obtained in (B). displayed as a table. (D). Viral titers obtained from crude viral lysates following small scale viral production. AAV2/2 produces significantly less packaged virus compared to the other serotypes examined. ANOVA p < .0001; Fisher’s Post-hoc test p < .05 for AAV2/2 and AAV2/2* compared to all other groups. n = 3. Error bars equal standard error of the mean (SEM). (E) AAV2/1 viral titers are ~ 10 fold less compared to AAV2/DJ8 viral titers following full scale production and iodixanol gradient purification. Viral titers for AAV-RFP viruses pseudotyped as AAV2/1 and AAV2/DJ8 (n = 1) are displayed next to viral titers for AAV-misc viruses pseudotyped at AAV2/1 (n = 2) and AAV2/DJ8 (n = 3). Error bars = SEM. Graphs displayed in B. D. and E. have logarithmic scales.

Holehonnur et al. BMC Neuroscience 2014 15:28   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-15-28
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