Table 2

Stimulus material of the included studies
First Author Year Task Stimulus matrial phonemic Stimulus matrial phonemic Baseline condition
1 Abrahams [22] 2003 p t, a, b, g, f Repetion of the word “rest”
2 Bonelli [23] 2011 p a, s, w, d, e Fixation of a cross
3 Brammer [24] 1997 p Repetion of the word “rest”
4 Curtis [25] 1998 p f, a, s Repetion of the word “rest”
5 Dye [26] 1999 p f Repetion of nouns/verbs
6 Fu1)[27] 2002 p t, l, b, r, s, c, p Repetion of the word “rest”
7 Halari2)[5] 2006 p f, a, s, p, r, w Repetion of the word “rest”
8 Hutchinson [28] 1999 p f, a, s, t, n Count forward silently
9 Lurito [29] 2000 p c Fixation of a symbol
10 Nosarti1)[30] 2009 p s, c, p, t, h, b, a Repetion of the word “rest”
11 Okada [31] 2003 p sa, ta, te Repetion of the word “yasumi” (rest)
12 Phelps [32] 1997 p English alphabet Repetion of cue words
13 Schlösser2)[33] 1998 p f, a, s, t, n Count forward silently
14 Weiss [34] 2003 p f, a, s, b Silent rest
15 Weiss [35] 2004 p f, a, s Silent rest
16 Audenaert [36] 2000 p/s n, a, k, b Animals, jobs, fruit, vegetables, interior and furniture Saying aloud month/days
17 Heim [37] 2008 p/s f, b, k, m, sh, t Birds, mammals, food, weapons, tools, toys Production of any nouns
18 Kircher [38] 2011 p/s f Animals Silent rest
19 Meinzer [39] 2009 p/s f, a, h, n Sports, fruits, body parts, musical instruments Repetion of the word “Pause” (rest)
20 Meinzer [40] 2012 p/s m, j, s, k, t, q, p Body parts, types of music, clothing, insects, colors, spices, beverages, criminal acts Repetion of the word “rest”
21 Whitney [41] 2008 p/s s, w, d, b, h, e, a, f 40 German category Repetion of the word “Pause” (rest)
22 Amunts [42] 2004 s Flowers, furniture Covertly produce month/days
23 Basho [43] 2007 s Animals, academic subjects, body parts, car parts, colors, drinks, food, furniture, hobbies, musical instruments, occupations, shapes, sports, tools/appliances, things you wear, transportation Repetion of the word “nothing”
24 Gaillard [44] 2003 s Animals, food, cloths, furniture, toys, TV shows Silent rest
25 Gurd [45] 2002 s Fruits, cars, furniture Covertly produce month/days
26 Hwang [46] 2009 s Animals, colors, shapes, sports, tools, transportation, body parts, things you drink Repetion of the word “nothing”
27 Krug [47] 2011 s Vegetables Reading aloud nouns
28 Ragland [48] 2008 s Fruits, vegetables, furniture, vegetables Repetion of the word “rest”

Wagner et al.

Wagner et al. BMC Neuroscience 2014 15:19   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-15-19

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