Figure 2.

Photomicrographs showing representative sections of Iba1-stained cells in the hippocampus of the four groups, medium-injected naïve CTRL (A), MES stimulates saline-injected (MES-S) (B), MES stimulated bone marrow-injected (MES-BM) (C), and MES stimulated dead cell-injected (MES-DC) (D) animals. Note the different morphological changes of Iba1 cells in a control animal (a) that show intense arborization of microglial cells compared with animals exposed to MES (S, BM and DC, respectively in b, c and d). Scale bars represent 100 μm (A-D) and 10 μm (a-d).

Ferrazoli et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:97   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-97
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