Figure 5.

En/FRUM neurons have the same initial projections in males, females, and fru-mutant males. CNSs of wild-type males (B, F), wild-type females (C, G), and fru-mutant males (D, H) were labeled for anti-FRUM (green) and En-GAL4 expressing membrane-bound GFP (magenta). (A, E) Engrailed neuronal projections in the brain and VNC of wild-type males. Bracketed regions indicate zoom areas for panels B-D and F-H. (B) E/F-brain neurons appear to be in two distinct groups, which project anteriorly, then bifurcate. The same neurons are seen in females (C) and fru-mutant males (D) which show the same projection pattern but do not express FRUM. (F) E/F-VNC neurons in T1 include the midline group in T1 and the medial groups in T1 and T2. Although the projection patterns are difficult to discern, similar neurons are clearly present in females (G) and fru-mutant males (H). Size bars = 20 μm (D) for panels B-D, and (F) for panels F-H.

Latham et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:57   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-57
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