Figure 5.

Spectral V1 LFP effects for different BF stimulation sites. The bar plots show the average LFP PSD ratio in log units between BF stimulation and control condition, separately for each BF site. Error bars: SD. The different symbols represent spectral changes at multiple V1 recording sites for each respective BF site. (a) Low frequency band effects were variable, with 3/6 sites showing significant reductions. (b) The broad γ-band showed a significant increase for all BF sites. (c) A 40Hz peak was seen in 4/6 BF sites. The number of V1 locations at each site exhibiting the 40Hz peak is shown below each bar plot. (d) A 70Hz peak was observed in 3/6 experiments. (e) Schematic representation of the BF stimulation sites in a horizontal projection. Each site is represented by a unique symbol and a corresponding number. The black outline shows the approximate boundary of the NBM. Structures adjacent to the NB are marked in their approximate locations: NFD: Nucleus fasciculi diagonalis Brocae; SI: Substantia Inominata; OL: Nucleus tractus olfactorii lateralis; CEA: Nucleus Centralis Amygdalae.

Bhattacharyya et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:55   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-55
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