Figure 2.

Expression of Slc6a17mRNA in POMC, NPY, excitatory and inhibitory neurons. Double in situ hybridization (A-D) and combined in situ hybridization/immunohistochemistry (E) using Slc6a17 probe for co-localization of Slc6a17mRNA and markers in mouse brain and spinal cord are shown in this figure. The cell nucleus marker DAPI was stained in blue. (A) Co-localization of Slc6a17mRNA (red) and POMC-mRNA (dark blue) in hypothalamus close to the third ventricle (Bregma −2.18). (B) Overlapping expression of Slc6a17 (red) mRNA and NPY labeled neurons (dark blue) in arcuate nucleus in hypothalamus (Bregma −2.06). (C) Co-localization of Slc6a17mRNA (red) and glutaminase-mRNA (brown) in excitatory neurons in cerebral cortex (Bregma −1.58). (D) Co-expression of Slc6a17mRNA (red) and Gad67-mRNA (brown) in inhibitory neurons in cerebral cortex (Bregma −1.58). (E) No co-localization between Slc6a17mRNA (brown) and the GFAP protein (green) expression in spinal cord (L2). All pictures were taken with 20x objective using cryo sections (A and B) and paraffin embedded sections (C-E). Bregma coordinates are according to Franklin and Paxinos 2007 [28].

Hägglund et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:54   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-54
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