Figure 3.

Effect of CHF5074 and DAPT treatments on 6E10 intraneuronal immunoreactivity. A-C. Representative images of 6E10-immunostaining of intraneuronal 6E10-immunoreactivity in cerebral cortex sections of vehicle- (A), CHF5074 125 ppm- (B), CHF5074 375 ppm- (C) and DAPT 375 ppm-treated Tg2576 mice (D); # indicates the animal code. E. Quantification of intraneuronal 6E10-immunoreactivity in the different treatment groups. The number of animals included in each group (N) is indicated under the corresponding bar, data are expressed as mean ± SEM, *p < 0.05 and **p < 0.01 for CHF5074 treated vs untreated Tg2576 mice.

Sivilia et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:44   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-44
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