Figure 2.

Regional distribution of VGLUT1-3 proteins in control (without lesion and stimulation) rats. A-D, Schematic diagrams adapted from the stereotaxic atlas of Paxinos and Watson [1982]. E-P, Photographs of immunoradioautograms obtained by incubating coronal rat-brain sections of control rats (non lesioned and non stimulated) with affinity-purified anti-VGLUT1 (E-H), anti-VGLUT2 (I-L) and anti-VGLUT3 (M-P) antisera and then with anti-rabbit [125I] IgG. Note the different distributions of the three VGLUTs in the brain structures studied. Acb, Accumbens nucleus; Amy, Amygdaloid nucleus; CPu, Caudate Putamen; Cg, Cingulate cortex; GP, Globus Pallidus; Hip, Hippocampus; PM Cx, Premotor Cortex; SNr, Substantia nigra pars reticulata; SS Cx, Somatosensory Cortex; STN, Subthalamic nucleus; Tha, Thalamus (VL/VM). Scale bar, 0.4 mm.

Favier et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:152   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-152
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