Table 1

Natural pheromones facilitate sexual maturation
Treatment Animals Days to mature (Mean ± S.E.M) Percentage of maturation No. of animals (Immature/Mature)
PSMW POF 40 16.7 5/1
SMW POF 21 ± 8 50 3/3
SMW PSM 17 ± 3 50 3/3

Exposure to water conditioned by mature male sea lampreys (spermiating male washings, SMW) facilitated reproductive maturation in immature males and females. On average, immature females (POF) exposed to SMW began to ovulate in 21 days, whereas POF exposed to immature male washings (PSMW) did not ovulate until day 40. For immature males (PSM), the average time to spermiate after exposure to SMW was 17 days; in contrast, when exposed to PSMW, none of the PSMs had spermiated by day 40. χ2 = 5.042, dF = 1, p < 0.05 (Combine POF and PSM). ND: Not determined.

Chung-Davidson et al.

Chung-Davidson et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-11

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