Figure 4.

Effect of A-β injection in HIPPO. A. Effect of A-β25-35 injection in HIPPO on lipid peroxidation levels in HIPPO, OB and Frontal Cortex (FC) of ovariectomized animals. Mean ± SEM lipid peroxidation levels in the four experimental groups (24 h, 8 and 15 days groups and 24 + E2). The lipid peroxidation levels in nanomoles/ml of homogenate HIPPO, OB or FC tissue depicted on the ordinate. Minimal amount of lipoperoxidation was detected 15 days after A-β25-35 injection. E2 replacement decreases the lipoperoxidation in HIPPO as well as in OB. B Western blot technique to measure 4-HNE adduct in Hippocampus reflects the lipoperoxidation in HIPPO, OB and FC in the same experimental groups. The amount of 4-HNE adducts, is related with the presence of peroxides in the structure, the administration of E2 decreases the presence of peroxides and the amount of 4-HNE.

Bernal-Mondragón et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:104   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-104
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