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Calculation of percent expression of integrin β-1 on primary microglia. (A) A representative example of flow cytometry histograms for NTG (G93A) and TG G93A microglia with FITC-isotype antibody or FITC-anti-integrin β-1 antibody is presented. Each histogram contains data on the geometric mean fluorescence (Gm), coefficient of variance (CV), marker position (0-430), number and percentage of cells under the marker. (B) An overlay of histograms from another independent experiment represents the FITC signal distribution for FITC-isotype antibody stained TG G93A microglia (filled curve), FITC-anti-integrin β-1 antibody stained TG G93A microglia (curve with dashed line) and FITC-anti-integrin β-1 antibody stained NTG (G93A) microglia (curve with solid line). The horizontal axis in (A) and (B), FL-1-H, is the detected signal intensity of FITC on a logarithmic scale. An example of percentage expression calculation is given below: 1. Under the marker M1 over 95% of the cells are detected, with the Gm for NTG (G93A) microglia of 11.11 with specific antibody, and 4.54 with isotype antibody. 2. For these NTG (G93A) microglia the integrin β-1 expression is 11.11 - 4.54 = 6.57, and for TG G93A cells the integrin β-1 expression is 10.62 - 4.93 = 5.69. These expression values are then converted to values on a linear scale. The values for NTG (G93A) are set as 100% expression. The values from TG (G93A) then converted to percent expression with respect to 100% of NTG (G93A) cells.

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Sargsyan et al. BMC Neuroscience 2011 12:91   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-12-91