Figure 7.

A-G. Quantitative western blot and real-time RT-PCR analyses showing the suppressive effect of Dex and inhibitors of p38 and JNK on the induction of Nox-2 expression in LPS-treated BV-2 cells. Panels A and E represent the Western blot of Nox-2 protein expression of each experiment with corresponding β-actin protein expression. Quantitative analysis of Western blot results are shown in panels B and F. The Nox-2 mRNA (208 bp) was amplified in microglia (C). The quantitative real time RT-PCR analysis shows that Dex (D) and inhibitors of p38 and JNK (G) suppressed the induction of Nox-2 mRNA expression in LPS-treated BV-2 cells, compared to that in cells treated with LPS. The data represent the mean ± SD (n = 3) * p < 0.05. ** p <0.01

Huo et al. BMC Neuroscience 2011 12:49   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-12-49
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