Figure 8.

Subcellular distribution pattern of exogenous Mayven following co-expression of a series of pMayven-EGFP amino deletion mutants with pMayven-HA and RT.PCR comparing endogenous and exogenous Mayven message levels in non-transfected and transfected OECs. OECs were co-transfected with pMayven-HA and mutant constructs pΔSH3 (A), pΔFYN (B), pΔBTB/POZ (C) and pΔBACK and immunostained for HA. Homomeric interaction (A,B) between the wild HA tagged fusion protein and EGFP tagged mutant form was dependent on the presence of a BTB/POZ domain. (E) RT. PCR Mayven (Product length 1323 bps) Cyclophilin (Product length 300 bps), β actin (146 bps) were amplified from cDNAs prepared from non-transfected OECs (lane 1), pΔBTB/POZ transfectants (lane 2) and pΔFYN transfectants (lane 3) confirming an increase in Mayven mRNA levels in transfected cells.

Montague et al. BMC Neuroscience 2010 11:63   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-11-63
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