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The pathophysiology of prospective memory failure after diffuse axonal injury - Lesion-symptom analysis using diffusion tensor imaging

Keita Kondo12, Masaharu Maruishi14, Hiroki Ueno12, Kozue Sawada1, Yukari Hashimoto13, Tomohiko Ohshita2, Tetsuya Takahashi2*, Toshiho Ohtsuki2 and Masayasu Matsumoto2

  • * Corresponding author: Tetsuya Takahashi

  • † Equal contributors

Author Affiliations

1 Hiroshima Higher Brain Function Center, Hiroshima Prefectural Rehabilitation Center, 295-3, Taguchi, Saijo, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan

2 Department of Clinical Neuroscience & Therapeutics, Hiroshima University Graduate School of Biomedical Science, 1-2-3, Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima, Japan

3 Department of Psychology, Fukuyama University, 958, Sanzo, Higashimura, Fukuyama, Japan

4 Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Hiroshima Prefectural College of Health Sciences, 1-1, Gakuen-chou, Mihara, Hiroshima, Japan

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BMC Neuroscience 2010, 11:147  doi:10.1186/1471-2202-11-147

Published: 20 November 2010

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Additional file 1:

Results of voxel-based regression analysis between FA value and Trail making test-B. This figure demonstrates that the regions correlated with Trail making test-B (TMT-B) scores in the same DAI subjects. Thirteen patients were performed TMT-B, and the mean score was 140.2 (SD 50.6) seconds. There was no correlation between the measures of PM and TMT-B (r = -0.371, p = 0.213). Regression analysis of FA value with the score of TMT-B in DAI patients revealed three clusters, which are shown on (A) orthogonal projections (red arrowhead indicates the region of global maxima) and (B) coronal view of MNI T1 template images. The clusters were observed in the white matter of left pre-frontal lobes, right anterior cingulate, and left inferior parietal lobe. (C) Compared the cluster correlated with TMT-B (blue) with that correlated with PM (yellow), the cluster located in the left inferior parietal lobe was closed to each other. Color bar indicates T value. (R = right hemisphere)

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Additional file 2:

Covariate regions between FA value and Trail making test-B score. Regression analysis of FA value with the score of Trail Making Test-B in DAI patients revealed three clusters (x, y, and z values localize regions according to Montreal Neurological Institute stereotactic coordinates, BA = Brodmann area).

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