Figure 3.

Confocal image analysis of BrdU, NeuN and p75 NTR co-immunostaining. Coronal sections of the dentate gyrus derived from a p75 NTR (+/-) mouse were examined. Tissue was obtained one day following the 6 day BrdU injection protocol. (A) BrdU antibody (red) detects cells primarily located in the SGZ and hilus. (B) NeuN staining (green) demonstrates the characteristic pattern of granule cell layer neurons in the dentate gyrus along with individual cells apparent in the subgranular zone and hilus. (C) p75 NTR staining (blue) identifies cells in the SGZ and hilus. (D) Overlay of images shown in A-C reveals cells co-labeled with BrdU, NeuN and p75 NTR (white, horizontal arrow); BrdU and p75 NTR (pink, up-down arrow); BrdU alone (red); BrdU and NeuN (yellow, down-up arrow). Scale bar: 300 μm. Inset in figure C: high magnification of p75NTR staining in p75NTR (+/+) (1) and (-/-) (2) mice.

Bernabeu and Longo BMC Neuroscience 2010 11:136   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-11-136
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