Figure 4.

Neuronal and glial differentiation of neural aggregate and MNP cultures. Images illustrate the composition of MNP or neural aggregate (nSFEB or SNP) cultures (a-c). Both cultures comprise nestin-/GFAP+, nestin+/GFAP- and nestin+/GFAP+ (a, i; b, i; c i-iii), βtubulin+ (a, ii; b, ii; c, iv-vi) and MBP+ cells (b, iii; c, iii; d, vii). Optical slices (1 μm) illustrate the morphology and localisation of nestin+, βtubulin+, GFAP+, NeuN+ and MBP+ cells within the core (yellow boxes) or edge (white boxes) region of secondary neural aggregates (c, i-viii). Regions of interest indicated by boxes are illustrated at higher magnifications (c, i-vi). Note, for visualisation of MBP+ multi-branched oligodendrocytes a set of optical slices were stacked (c, vii). Low-magnification image of nestin+ cells in neural aggregate cultures containing secondary neural aggregates and the interjacent cell population (c, ix) Scale bar: 75 μm. Diagrams illustrate percentages of NeuN+ neurons (d, i), GFAP+ astrocytes (d, ii) or MBP+ oligodendrocytes (d, iii) within neural aggregate or MNP cultures at the indicated days in vitro (div).

Illes et al. BMC Neuroscience 2009 10:93   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-10-93
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