Figure 9.

Morphological analyses and three-dimensional reconstructions of EGFP+/NeuN+ cells in the GCL. Representative examples of EGFP+ neurons located in the GCL 1 week after the stereotaxic injection of CMV-EGFP. (A) Confocal image showing EGFP+ cells in the DG. The orthogonal projections onto the x-z (bottom) and y-z (right) planes are shown to confirm EGFP expression throughout the extent of the cells indicated with hairlines. (B) Z-axis projection of EGFP+ neurons from the area depicted in A, showing their morphological features. C and D: higher magnification of the areas boxed in B. E: three-dimensional reconstruction of the dendritic segment depicted in C, shown as example of those used for dendritic protrusion analyses. F: Three-dimensional reconstructions of two example EGFP+ GCL neurons, showing their dentritic arborization and length. Cell somata are shown in cyan and dendrites in red. Similar neurons were used for quantitative analyses. Scale bars: A: 50 μm; B, C, D, E: 10 μm; F: 100 μm. (Full-resolution animated 3D-reconstructions are available at webcite).

van Hooijdonk et al. BMC Neuroscience 2009 10:2   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-10-2
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