Figure 2.

Only PER2, but neither CRY1 nor CRY2, interacts with CLOCK. (A) and (C) HER911 cells were co-transfected with pFR-luc, pCMV-lacZ and the indicated expresssion plasmids. For each experiment (n = 6), values obtained for cells transfected with the luciferase reporter alone were set to 1. *** p < 0.001 as determined by student's t-test compared to all other columns; n.s. not significant. (B) HER911 cells were co-transfected with pSCT1-HA-Clock and pSCT1-Per2. Total cell extracts (left panel) or immunoprecipitates using an anti-HA antibody (right panel) were subjected to Western blotting using an antibody against PER2. Blots are representative results from one experiment, the co-immunoprecipitation was repeated twice. WB Western Blot, IP immunoprecipitation.

Langmesser et al. BMC Molecular Biology 2008 9:41   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-9-41
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