Figure 1.

Sequence and structure of the N-terminus region of human PDE9A splice variants. (A) Sequences of the initial section of the PDE9A gene. The different ATGs are indicated by boxes and the predicted start codons for the different splice variants by wide arrows. (B) Structure of the 5' region of the human PDE9A splice variants. The exons are schematically illustrated by boxes, the 5'UTR by black lines, and the spliced exons by dotted lines. The amino acid sequence deduced from a shifted frame start codon is illustrated by hatched boxes, black triangles indicate the myristoylation motif location, white triangles indicate the pat7 motif location, and asterisks indicated other ATGs present in this sequence.

Rentero and Puigdomènech BMC Molecular Biology 2006 7:39   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-7-39
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