Figure 1.

Localization and structure of MTG16 promoter. (A) Nucleotide sequence of the MTG16 promoter. Identification of transcription start site (TSS) and amplification of the promoter was performed as described in Methods. Nucleotide +1 is the translational start site (ATG). Putative consensus binding sites for transcription factors identified with MatInspector webcite and webcite are marked. The promoter lacks TATA and CCAAT boxes, but a GC box (underlined) close to the TSS may be important for start site utilization. (B) Homology search was performed for a stretch of sequence from -251 to -499 human sequencewith NCBI nucleotide blast (Blastn) programme in database for "whole-genome shotgun reads" (wgs) and an evolutionary conserved GATA site was identified (marked between straight lines). The following accession numbers appeared containing homologus sequences, Chimpanzee, b| AACZ03106631.1|; Orangutan gb| ABGA01087101.1|; Gorilla, emb| CABD02143420.1|; Rhesus Monkey, gb|AANU01214553.1|; Marmoset, gb|ACFV01163109.1|; Mouse, ref|NT_078575.6|Mm8_78640_37; Rat, ref|NW_047536.2|Rn19_WGA2058_4. The homology sequences were also found at webcite.

Ajore et al. BMC Molecular Biology 2012 13:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-13-11
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