Figure 4.

Search for promoter fragment of the Hspa1b gene responsible for LA inducibility. Left panel: Schematic representation of the plasmids used for transfections. Different fragments of the promoter and further upstream region of the rat Hspa1b gene were cloned in pBL-CAT6 vector. Upper part: Structure of analyzed DNA region. Restriction sites used for subcloning are shown (E - EcoR I, P - Pst I, D - Dra II, M - MaeIII, N - Nco I, K - Kpn I, A - Ava I). HSE - heat shock element. Region between -209 and +84 containing important regulatory elements is shown in details. Right panel: Data from transfection experiments. Plasmids were transiently transfected to the mouse B16F10 cells using Lipofectin. CAT activity was determined 24 hours after lipofection in cell extracts. CAT activity is shown as percentage of acetylated chloramphenicol. Each value is expressed as a mean (with the standard deviation) of four transfections. Brackets A, B and C were used to visualise the comparisons that are discussed in the text.

Fiszer-Kierzkowska et al. BMC Molecular Biology 2011 12:27   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-12-27
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