Figure 8.

Expression of different uPAR splice variant mRNAs in different tissues/cell types normalised to total uPAR. A series of real-time PCR assays was used to measure the expression of different splice variants of uPAR in an extended panel of tissues/cell types (lung, brain, HASM, undifferentiated HBEC, BEAS2B, PMN, PBMC, THP1). Expression of each variant is shown as mean + SEM of three PCR replicates, for two donors or biological replicates as appropriate. Data are shown as 2-ΔCt normalised to total uPAR and relative to a suitable plasmid control (designated 100%). (A) total classical uPAR (exon 7), (B) classical uPAR exon 6 deletion, (C) classical uPAR exons 5+6 deletion, (D) classical uPAR exon 3 deletion, (E) total alternative uPAR (exon7b), (F) alternative uPAR exon 4+5 deletion. Classical uPAR exon 5 and 4+5 deletions and alternative uPAR exon 5 deletion were not detected.

Stewart and Sayers BMC Molecular Biology 2009 10:75   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-10-75
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