Figure 3.

A. Multiple alignment of related sequences to DhAhp. The alignment was performed using the software of CLUSTAL W program webcite. Asterisks indicate identical amino acids and periods show conserved amino acid substitutions. Percent of overall identity similarity (in parentheses): 1. DhAhp; 2. AHP1 of S. cerevisiae (Swiss-Prot: P38013) (30%); 3. PMP20 of S. pombe (Swiss-Prot: O14313) (33%); 4. AHP11 of C. albicans (Swiss-Prot: Q5AF44) (58%); 5. peroxiredoxin of P. tremula (Swiss-Prot: Q8S3L0) (34%); 6. peroxiredoxin of P. sativum (Swiss-Prot: B3GV28) (37%); 7. peroxiredoxin of H. sapiens (Swiss-Prot: P30044) (25%). Cys54, conserved in all Prxs, is identified as the peroxidative cysteine. B. The phylogenetic relationship between DhAhp and peroxiredoxin from other organisms.

Chao et al. BMC Microbiology 2009 9:182   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-9-182
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