Figure 1.

HPLC chromatograms of authentic organic acids (a) and culture supernatant of Pseudomonas trivialis strain BIHB 747 grown for 5 days at 28°C in NBRIP broth with tricalcium phosphate (b), Udaipur rock phosphate (c), Mussoorie rock phosphate (d), North Carolina rock phosphate (e), and North Carolina rock phosphate spiked with OA (f). OA = oxalic acid, GA = gluconic acid, TA = tartaric acid, FA = formic acid, MA = malic acid, MalA = malonic acid, LA = lactic acid, 2-KGA = 2-ketogluconic acid, SA = succinic acid, CA = citric acid and PA = propionic acid.

Vyas and Gulati BMC Microbiology 2009 9:174   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-9-174
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