Figure 1.

Effect of virstatin on biofilms formed by A. baumannii . A- Inhibition effect on A. baumannii ATCC 17978 biofilm development in static mode: percentages measured the 24 h-biofilm formation in presence of different concentrations of virstatin (and DMSO as control) compared to biofilm formation without virstatin. Experiments were performed in triplicate and results are presented as (mean ± standard error of mean). “***” for P < 0.0001 and “*” for P < 0.05, B- Effect on biofilm grown under flow shear (1 dyn/cm2) in Bioflux system: typical images of the microfluidic channels, representative of 3 independent assays, are shown. C- Kinetic of biofilm formation under flow shear in absence (●) or in presence (◆) of 100 μM virstatin. Analyse by the Bioflux 200 (Fluxion) software give an average value of coverage (μm2) depending on time (from 0-24 h).

Nait Chabane et al. BMC Microbiology 2014 14:62   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-14-62
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