Figure 2.

Correspondence analysis for bacteriocin types and virulence factors. Association between virulence factors (α-hly, afaI, aer, cnf1, sfa, pap, pCVD432, ial, lt, st, bfpA, eaeA, ipaH, iucC, fimA, ehly) and bacteriocin types (B, D, E1, E2-9, Ia, Ib, Js, K, M, N, S4, U/Y, 5/10, mB17, mC7, mH47, mJ25, mL, mM and mV) in 1181 E. coli strains. The x axis accounted for 51.06% of total inertia and the y axis for 24.02%. Please note the close association between virulence determinants pap, sfa, cnf1 and α-hly and genes for microcins H47, M and L. Genes encoding aerobactin synthesis plotted close to bacteriocin genes encoding microcins J25, V and B17 and colicins B, E1, 5/10, Ia, Ib, Js, M, K, N, S4 and D. Fisher’s exact test was used to analyze the degree of association among bacteriocin types and virulence factors; statistically significant results for different virulence factors and bacteriocin types are indicated by asterisks (α-hly, cnf1, sfa, pap – mH47 and mM; iucC, aer – E1, Ia, S4 and mV; afaI, eaeA/bfpA, pCVD432, nonVF bacteriocin non-producers).

Micenková et al. BMC Microbiology 2014 14:109   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-14-109
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