Table 4

Characterization of the dominant bacteria through molecular signature of 16S rRNA genes amplified from the genomic DNA extracted from the bacterial isolates isolated from the composting during different phase
Laboratory designation Morphological features (Gram staining) & Phylogenetic group Isolate name with Accession no 16S r DNA similarity (nucleotide identity) Accession no. of nearest neighbor Temperature & phase
J +,cocci; firmicutes Staphylococcus sciuri Durck1 AM778178 94% EF204304.1 30°C & Mesophilic
8 +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck14 AM778191 95% AY647298.1
30 +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck10 AM778185 91% AY879290.1
G +,cocci; firmicutes Staphylococcus sciuri Durck9 AM778188 98% AB188210.1
PQ +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck7 AM778184 90% AY881638.1
A +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck12 AM778189 99% AY881638.1
38 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck8 AM778187 99% AB244427.1
14 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus flexus Durck6 AM778183 96% EF157301.1
31(a) +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus flexus Durck15 AM778192 96% DQ365587.1
BC +,cocci; firmicutes Staphylococcus sciuri Durck16 AM884572 99% AM778188.1
red -,rods; γ-proteobacteria Serratia marcescens Durck24 FR865468 91% EU781738.1
H -,rods ; γ-proteobacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae Durck21 AM884577 96% EU078621.1
17 -,rods ; γ-proteobacteria Enterobacter sakazakii Durck19 AM884575 97% CP000783.1 35°C & Mesophilic
actin 6 +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck23 AM884579 99% DQ270752.1
3 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus cereus Durck30 FR865474 94% EU624445.1
QR +,rods; actinobacteria Microbacterium sp. Durck18 AM884574 99% AJ919993.1
B +,rods ; firmicutes Lysinibacillus fusiformis Durck2 AM778179 91% DQ333300.1 40°C & Thermophilic
M +,cocci; actinobacteria Kocuria flavus Durck22 AM884578 98% EF675624.1
D +,rods; firmicutes Terribacillus halophilus Durck28 FR865472 94% AB243849.1
14 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus flexus Durck5 AM778182 94% DQ412062.1
26 -,rods ; β-proteobacteria Acidovorax sp. Durck31 FR865475 90% AY258065.1
X +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus nealsonii Durck26 FR865470 91% DQ416782.1
32 -,rods; β-proteobacteria Comamonas kerstersii Durck29 FR865473 97% AJ430348.1 45°C & Thermophilic
Y +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus benzoevorans Durck27 FR865471 96% DQ416782.1
21 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck17 AM884573 98% AY971362.1
N +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck13 AM778190 92% AM778187.1 50°C & Thermophilic
IN +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck3 AM778180 98% AB301019.1
Q +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck11 AM778186 99% AB301021.1
actin 5 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck4 AM778181 94% AB244458.1 35°C & Cooling and Maturation
31 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus composteris RC1 Data not shown Data not shown
L +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus southcampusis RC2 Data not shown
actin 2 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus licheniformis Durck20 AM884576 97% DQ071561.1
actin 1 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus circulans Durck25 FR865469 95% AB189702.1

Chandna et al.

Chandna et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:99   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-99

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