Figure 2.

Genetic map of S. flexneri bacteriophage SfI and comparison of SfI with related phages and prophages. The SfI genome is shown to scale. Numbers below the scale bar are the number of base pairs. Arrows above the scale represent the predicted genes and orientation. ORFs were shown within the boxes, and putative function modules and names of genes are given above. Vertical black lines indicate cos and attP sites respectively. Red arrows indicate tRNA genes. Pseudogenes are marked with a black asterisk. Below the scale, arrows represent homologous proteins of bacteriophages and prophages from different hosts with S. flexneri, E. coli and Salmonella framed within a green, red or blue box, respectively. Homologs between SfI and other phages/prophages are shown in different colors with color coding corresponding to level of homology at amino acid level, with red of 100% identity and blue of > =50% identity.

Sun et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:39   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-39
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