Table 1

Comparison of the gene expression ratios of mce2 genes, obtained by RT-qPCR
Gene name Fold change MtΔmce2R/H37Rv Fold change MtΔmce2R Comp/H37Rv
MtH37Rv-0587 (yrbE2A) 4.95 ND −2.71* −5.43
MtH37Rv-0586 (mce2R 10.14 3.47 29.5 3.99
MtH37Rv-0589 (mce2A) 6 ND ND ND
MtH37Rv-0590 (mce2B) ND ND ND −4.6

*Values were not statistically different between strains.

ΨPrimers encompass 137 bp of the 5’ end of Rv0586, which are conserved in the mutant.

Abbreviations: ND not determined, EEP early exponential phase, LEP late exponential phase.

The values indicate the average ratios of MtΔmce2R/M. tuberculosis H37Rv or MtΔmce2R Comp/M. tuberculosis H37Rv for four independent biological replicates.

Forrellad et al.

Forrellad et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:200   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-200

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