Figure 2.

Dose response of CHLA and PUG treatments against multiple viruses. Host cells for each virus (HEL for HCMV; Huh-7.5 for HCV; Vero for DENV-2, CHO-SLAM for MV; HEp-2 for RSV, and A549 for VSV and ADV-5) were co-treated with viral inoculum and increasing concentrations of test compounds for 1 – 3 h before being washed, incubated, and analyzed for virus infection by plaque assays, EGFP expression analysis, or luciferase assay as described in Methods. (A) Schematic of the experiment (shown on the left) with the virus concentration (PFU/well or MOI), co-treatment time (i), and the subsequent viral incubation period (ii) indicated for each virus in the table on the right. (B) Antiviral effect of CHLA against multiple viruses. (C) Antiviral effect of PUG against multiple viruses. Results are plotted against values for the DMSO control treatment of virus infections and the data shown are means ± the standard errors of the mean (SEM) from three independent experiments. See text for details.

Lin et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:187   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-187
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