Table 1

Strains and plasmids used in this study
Strain/Plasmid Relevant characteristics Source/ Reference
E. coli
DH5α Cloning strain, recA endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 hsdR17 supE44 relA1 ϕφ80 ΔlacZΔM15 Gibco-BRL
S. aureus
NCTC8325-4 MSSA strain R. Novick
BCBHV008 NCTC8325-4Δspa::Pspac-MCS-lacI lacImc, Cmr [23]
8325-4ΔrecU NCTC8325-4 recU mutant lacking initial 165 codons This study
8325-4recUspaL NCTC8325-4 Δspa::Pspac-recU-lacI This study
BCBRP001 NCTC8325-4 ΔrecU Δspa::Pspac-recU-lacI This study
8325-4recUi NCTC8325-4 ΔrecU Δspa::Pspac-recU-lacI lacImc, Cmr This study
BCBHV017 BCBHV008 strain expressing spoIIIE-yfp from the native chromosomal locus, Cmr This study
BCBRP002 8325-4recUi mutant strain expressing spoIIIE-yfp, Cmr This study
pMAD E. coli – S. aureus shuttle vector with the bgaB gene encoding a ß-galactosidase and thermosensitive origin of replication for Gram-positive bacteria, Ampr Eryr [24]
pBCB13 pMAD derivative with Pspac-lacI between up- and downstream regions of the spa gene, Ampr Eryr [25]
pMGPII Plasmid encoding lacI gene; Cmr [26]
pMADrecUKO pMAD derivative used for deletion of the first 165 codons of recU, Ampr Eryr This study
pBCB13recUspaL pBCB13 derivative containing Pspac-recU-lacI Ampr Eryr This study
pMUTINYFPKan Integrative vector for C-termini YFP fusions; Ampr, Kanr [27]
pBCBHV007 pMUTINYFPKan containing spoIIIE–yfp Ampr, Kanr This study
pMADspoIIIEyfp pMAD derivative containing 3’ end spoIIIE –linker-yfp, Ampr Eryr This study
pBCBHV008 pMAD derivative containing 3’ end spoIIIE–linker-yfp-3’ 64 bp and downstream region of spoIIIE, Ampr Eryr This study

lacImc – cells expressing multicopies of the lacI gene (encoded by pMGPII).

Pereira et al.

Pereira et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:18   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-18

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