Table 4

Proteins found to be differentially regulated by at least two of the three alternative sigma factors studied here
Regulation byb Regulation by σBc Differential levels in comparison between parent and ΔBCHL
Proteina σH σL σC
Lmo0027 + - NDR NDR -
Lmo0096 (MptA) + + + NDR +
Lmo0319 (BglA) + - NDR NDR -
Lmo1877 (Fhs) - - NDR NDR -
Lmo2006 (AlsS) + + NDR NDR +
Lmo2094 - - - NDR -
Lmo2097 - - NDR NDR -
Lmo2098 - - NDR NDR NDR

aWhere available, protein name is shown in parenthesis.

bProteins that were identified here as positively (+) or negatively (−) regulated (absolute FC > 1.5; p < 0.05) by a given σ factor are shown; NDR (“not differentially regulated”) indicates that a protein was not found to be differentially regulated between strains with and without a given alternative σ factor.

cData for proteins differentially regulated by σB were obtained from Mujahid et al. [23]; this study compared protein levels between the 10403S parent strain and an isogenic ΔsigB strain.

Mujahid et al.

Mujahid et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:156   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-156

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