Figure 5.

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) images of ciliates. a) SEM of scuticociliate morphotype from Urania interface, EHT = 3 kV, Signal A = SE2, WD = 9.7 mm, Width = 15.99 μm, scale 1 μm, b) fusiform ciliate from Urania interface, WD = 10 mm, Width = 91.74 μm, scale 10 μm. a-b: with MBL, Biological Discovery in Woods Hole. c-d) FISH images of ciliate morphotypes from Urania brine (general eukaryotic probe EUK1209). Scale in c-d 5 μm.

Stock et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:150   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-150
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