Table 1

Mutations detected in all strains analyzed
Gene Mutation Strains phenotypically susceptible to INH (n=) Strains phenotypically resistant to INH (n=)
katG wild type 65 4(1)
Ala291Thr (gct/act); Ser315Thr (agc/acc) 1
Trp300Cys (tgg/tgc) 1
Thr302Arg (acg/agg) 1
Ser315Thr (acg/acc) 21
Asp329 (gac/ggac frameshift) 1
Arg463Leu (cgg/ctg)(2) 2
Gln471Arg (cag/cgg); Ser315Thr (agc/acc) 1
Strains phenotypically susceptible to RIF (n=) Strains phenotypically resistant to RIF (n=)
rpoB wild type 76
Thr481Ala (acc/gcc)(3) 1
Leu511Pro (ctg/ccg)(4) 1
Asp516Tyr (gac/tac)(4) 3
His526Tyr (cac/tac) 3
His526Arg (cac/cgc) 3
Ser531Leu (tcg/ttg) 8
Leu533Pro (ctg/ccg)(4) 1 1
Strains phenotypically susceptible to SM (n=) Strains phenotypically resistant to SM (n=)
rpsL wild type 56 21
Lys43Arg (aag/agg) 11
Lys88Arg (aag/agg) 1 8
gidB wild type 26 (2 with mutations in rrs/rpsL) 15 (10 with mutations in rpsL)
Leu16Arg (ctt/cgt) 4 2
Leu16Arg (ctt/cgt); Gln127stop (caa/taa); Ala161Ala (gcc/gcg) 1
Leu16Arg (ctt/cgt); Ala161Ala (gcc/gcg) 2 1 (Lys43Arg in rpsL)
Leu16Arg (ctt/cgt); Ala200Glu (gcg/gag) 2
Leu16Arg (ctt/cgt); Ala205Ala (gca/gcg) 1 (Lys43Arg in rpsL)
Gly34Ala (ggg/gcg) 1
Pro38 (ccc/cc frameshift) 1 (Lys88Arg in rpsL)
Val65Gly (gtc/ggc) 1
Gly69Asp (ggt/gat) 1 2
Gly71Arg (gga/aga) 1
Val88Ala (gta/gca) 1
Leu91Pro (cta/cca) 1
Gly92Asp (gaa/gac) 1
Gly92Asp (gaa/gac); Ala205Ala (gca/gcg) 3 (Lys43Arg in rpsL)
Ser100Phe (tct/ttt) 1
Val110Val (gtg/gtt); Ala205Ala (gca/gcg) 4
Ala138Val (gcg/gtg) 2
Ala200Glu (gcg/gag) + Ala205Ala (gca/gcg) 1
Ala205Ala (gca/gcg) 18 4 (3 with mutations in rpsL)
Strains phenotypically susceptible to EMB (n=) Strains phenotypically resistant to EMB (n=)
embB wild type 82 4(5)
Met306Ile (atg/ata) 6
Met306Val (atg/gtg) 1
Trp332Arg (tgg/cgg) 1
Gln497Lys (cag/aag)(3) 1
Gln1002Arg (cag/cgc)(3) 2
Strains phenotypically susceptible to PZA (n=) Strains phenotypically resistant to PZA (n=)
pncA wild type 84 3
−11 (a/g) 1
Ile5 (atc/atcc frameshift) 1
Thr47Ala (acc/gcc) 2
Tyr64 (tat/tata frameshift) 1
Lys96Glu (aag/gag) 1
Gln141 (cag/cag acggcgccag (insertion of 10 bp → frameshift) 1
Ala146Glu (gcg/gag) 1
Gly162Asp (ggt/gat) 1
Leu172Pro (ctg/ccg) 1

Sequence analysis and drug susceptibility testing has been repeated for all strains showing discrepant results.

Abbreviations: INH, isoniazid; RIF, rifampin; SM, streptomycin; EMB, ethambutol; PZA, pyrazinamide.

(1)Those strains were additionally sequenced in the promoter region of inhA and ahpC. Two of them carried a mutation in inhA at position −15 (C → T) and one in ahpC at −57 (C → T).

(2)Arg463Leu is a phylogenetic SNP [23] and was excluded for further analysis.

(3)These mutations were identified by sequence analysis of the complete gene.

(4)These mutations confer low-level RIF resistance.

(5)These strains were sequenced in the complete embCAB operon. One strain carried a mutation in embC [Val981Leu (gtg/ctg)].

Feuerriegel et al.

Feuerriegel et al. BMC Microbiology 2012 12:90   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-90

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