Table 3

Detailed information for the 8 primers evaluated
Primer name Degenerate type Sequence of primer Position in Escherichia coli Reference (s)
27 F (8 F) 11Y12M 5′- AGA GTT TGA TYM TGG CTC AG-3′ 8-27 [46]
338 F 5′-ACT CCT ACG GGA GGC AGC-3′ 338-355 [47]
338R 5′-GCT GCC TCC CGT AGG AGT-3′ 355-338 [48]
519 F 5 M 5′-CAG CMG CCG CGG TAA TAC-3′ 519-536 [49]
519R (536R) 14 K 5′-GTA TTA CCG CGG CKG CTG-3′ 536-519 [50]
907R (926R) 11 M 5′-CCG TCA ATT CMT TTG AGT TT-3′ 926-907 [51]
1390R (1406R) 14R 5′-ACG GGC GGT GTG TRC AA-3′ 1390-1406 [1,52]
1492R 11Y 5′-TAC CTT GTT AYG ACT T-3′ 1492-1507 [53,54]

Alternative names for the primers are annotated in parentheses. In the “Degenerate type” column, the number and the capital letter denote the position and the content of the degenerate nucleotides. For example, primer 27 F is also known as 8 F, and “11Y12M” means that the 11th base is the degenerate nucleotide Y and the 12th base is M (Y = C or T, M = A or C, K = T or G and R = A or G).

Mao et al.

Mao et al. BMC Microbiology 2012 12:66   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-66

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