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Short-term responses of unicellular planktonic eukaryotes to increases in temperature and UVB radiation

Isabelle Domaizon1*, Cécile Lepère2, Didier Debroas2, Marc Bouvy3, Jean Francois Ghiglione4, Stephan Jacquet1, Yvan Bettarel3, Corinne Bouvier3, Jean Pascal Torréton3, Francesca Vidussi3, Behzad Mostajir3, Amy Kirkham1, Emilie LeFloc’h3, Eric Fouilland3, Helene Montanié5 and Thierry Bouvier3

Author Affiliations

1 INRA, UMR 42 CARRTEL, 75 avenue de Corzent, BP511, Thonon-les-bains, F-74200, France

2 Clermont Université, Université Blaise Pascal, CNRS, UMR 6023, LMGE, BP 10448, Avenue des Landais, Clermont Ferrand, F-63000, France

3 Université Montpellier 2, UMR 5119 ECOSYM, CNRS, IRD, Ifremer, Université Montpellier 1, Place E Bataillon, cc 093, Montpellier cedex 5, 34095, France

4 CNRS, UMR 7621, LOMIC, Observatoire Océanologique, Avenue de Fontaulé, Banyuls/mer, F-66651, France

5 LIttoral ENvironnement et Sociétés (LIENSs) - UMR 6250, Université de La Rochelle, Institut du Littoral et de l’Environnement (ILE), 2 rue Olympe de Gouges, La Rochelle, 17 000, France

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BMC Microbiology 2012, 12:202  doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-202

Published: 11 September 2012

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Additional file 1:

Figure S1. Maximum parsimony tree showing phylogenetic relationships of the partial 18S rRNA gene sequences. The tree was constructed with the 376 sequences generated in this study and sequences from genbank. Only one representative sequence per OTU per library is presented in this phylogenetic tree. The labels show the origin of each sequence (treatments: C, C+Nut, UV, UV+Nut, T, T+Nut, TUV, TUV+Nut, and, time: T0 and T96 h). Values in brackets correspond to the OTU numbers as presented in Figure 4 and Additional file 2: Table S1.

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Additional file 2:

Table S1. Composition of the nine 18S rRNA genes clone libraries in terms of OTUs at T0 and T96h, the affiliation to phylogenetic groups is specified for each OTU. * The number associated to each OTU corresponds to numbers used in Figure 4 and in the phylogenetic tree (Additional file 1: Figure S1). Table S2. UNIFRAC metrics: The grey area (right panel) corresponds to the distance matrix obtained from the comparison of each pair of samples. Bold text denotes values in the upper quartile (i.e. most distant samples). The white area (left panel) corresponds to the P-values obtained by comparing each sample to each other sample. All P-values have been corrected for multiple comparisons by multiplying the calculated P-value by the number of comparisons made (Bonferroni correction). Bold text denotes significant P values.

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