Figure 6.

Detection and identification of nim gene in stool samples. (A) Detection of nim gene using nim gene specific primers. Lane 1 = Marker 100 bp, Lane 2 = clone of nim gene as positive control, Lane 3–5 = DNA from stool samples from healthy volunteer, Lane 6–8 = DNA from stool samples from E. histolytica positive patients and Lane 9 = No template control PCR (B) Restriction map of TaqI restriction sites in 458 bp nimE gene fragment. (C) HpaII does not digest nimE,where as digestion of nimE by TaqI generates four fragment of 274 bp,155 bp,6 bp and 25 bp. Lane 1 = Marker 100 bp, Lane H1, H2, E1 and E2 show RFLP profile of PCR product digested with HpaII; Lane H3, H4, E3 and E4 show RFLP profile of PCR product digested with TaqI. H1-H4, DNA from stool samples of Healthy volunteers and E1-E4 are DNA from stool samples of E. histolytica positive patients.

Verma et al. BMC Microbiology 2012 12:183   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-183
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