Table 2

Strains and plasmids used in this study
Strain or plasmid Relevant characteristicsa Source or reference
E. coli
TOP10 General cloning and blue/white screening Invitrogen
S17-1 Mobilizing strain with transfer genes of RP4 integrated on chromosome; Smr, Pms [34]
MC4100 K-12 laboratory strain [35]
B/r B laboratory strain [36]
B. pseudomallei
K96243 Isolated in Thailand from a diabetic patient with a clinical history of short incubation, septicemic infection, and rapid progression to death [37]
DDS1498A K96243 derivative harboring a 162-bp in-frame deletion mutation in hcp1 (Δhcp1) [9]
DDS0518A K96243 derivative harboring a 303-bp in-frame deletion mutation in hcp2 (Δhcp2) [9]
DDS2098A K96243 derivative harboring a 186-bp in-frame deletion mutation in hcp3 (Δhcp3) [9]
DDS0171A K96243 derivative harboring a 321-bp in-frame deletion mutation in hcp4 (Δhcp4) [9]
DDS0099A K96243 derivative harboring a 192-bp in-frame deletion mutation in hcp5 (Δhcp5) [9]
DDL3105A K96243 derivative harboring a 216-bp in-frame deletion mutation in hcp6 (Δhcp6) [9]
DDS1503-1A K96243 derivative harboring a deletion of the 743-bp StuI fragment at the 5’ end of vgrG1 (ΔvgrG1-5’) [9]
DDS1503-2A K96243 derivative harboring a deletion of the 894-bp PstI fragment at the 3’ end of vgrG1 (ΔvgrG1-3’) [9]
1026b Isolated in Thailand from a human case of septicemic melioidosis with skin, soft tissue, and spleen involvement [30]
MSHR305 Isolated from the brain of a fatal human melioidosis encephalomyelitis case in Australia [38,39]
B. mallei
SR1 ATCC 23344 sucrose-resistant derivative [40]
DDA0742 SR1 derivative harboring a deletion of the 156 bp NarI–SfuI fragment internal to hcp1; Δhcp1 [25]
B. thailandensis
DW503 E264 derivative; Δ(amrR-oprA) (Gms) rpsL (Smr) [41]
DDII0868 DW503::pGSV3-0868; Gmr; hcp1- This study
pCR2.1-TOPO 3,931-bp TA vector; pMB1 oriR; Kmr Invitrogen
pCR2.1-0868 pCR2.1-TOPO containing 342-bp PCR product generated with II0868-up and II0868-dn This study
pGSV3 Mobilizabile Gmr suicide vector [42]
pGSV3-0868 pGSV3 derivative containing EcoRI insert from pCR2.1-0868 This study

a r, resistant; s, susceptible.

Fisher et al.

Fisher et al. BMC Microbiology 2012 12:117   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-117

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