Table 1

Description of H. parasuis reference strainsa
# Serovar Strain Country Isolation Site Diagnosis Virulenceb
A 1 No. 4 Japan Nose Healthy H
B 2 SW140 Japan Nose Healthy L+
C 3 SW114 Japan Nose Healthy A
D 4 SW124 Japan Nose Healthy L+
E 5 Nagasaki Japan Meninges Meningitis, H
F 6 131 Switzerland Nose Healthy A
G 7 174 Switzerland Nose Healthy A
H 8 C5 Sweden Unknown Unknown L-
I 9 D74 Sweden Unknown Unknown A
J 10 H367c Germany Unknown Unknown H
K 11 H465 Germany Trachea Pneumonia A
L 12 H425 Germany Lung Polyserositis H
M 13 84-17975 United States Lung Unknown H
N 14 84-22113 United States Joint Septicemia H
O 15 84-15995 United States Lung Pneumonia L+

aoriginally published by Kielstein and Rapp-Gabrielson (1992) and adapted by Zehr and Tabatabai (2011).

bH, Highly virulent, death of pig within 96 h post-inoculation; L+, Polyserositis and arthritis at necropsy; L-, Mild clinical symptoms; A, Avirulent, no clinical symptoms at necropsy as described by Kielstein and Rapp-Gabrielson (1992).

cH367 (serovar 10) is a field strain with the same characteristics as the original H555. Reference strain H555 was lost during culture passage prior to our acquisition of the reference strains above.

Zehr et al.

Zehr et al. BMC Microbiology 2012 12:108   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-108

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