Figure 3.

Phylogenetic representation of indoor dust fungal communities inferred from nucITS clone library data. Percentage frequency representation of clusters in individual dust samples are given as a heat map table, also showing cluster numbers (#), class and main genera included. A statistically significantly increased occurrence of a cluster in a sample is shown underlined (UniFrac analysis). Class abbreviations: Eur: Eurotiomycetes; Dot: Dothideomycetes; Leo: Leotiomycetes; Lec: Lecanoromycetes; Sor: Sordariomycetes; Tap: Taphrinomycetes; Sac: Saccharomycetes; Tre: Tremellomycetes; Mic: Microbotryomycetes; Aga: Agaricomycetes; BaIs: Basidiomycetes incertae sedis; Puc: Pucciniomycetes; Wal: Wallemiomycetes; Zyg: Zygomycetes incertae sedis. For detailed cluster contents and OTU annotations, see Additional file 2 Table S1.

Pitk√§ranta et al. BMC Microbiology 2011 11:235   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-11-235
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