Figure 6.

galU mutant and WT FT differentially induce cleavage of pro-IL-1β to the active IL-1β form. Panel A: BMDC were infected with WT, galU mutant, and galU-complemented strains of FT at the indicated MOI, and total RNA was extracted 8 h later and subjected to RNase protection analysis. Panel B: IL-1β concentrations in culture supernatants from THP-1 and BMDC following infection (24 h) in vitro with either WT, galU mutant, or galU-complemented strains of FT were determined via ELISA, and statistical analyses were performed via one-way ANOVA with a Bonferroni multiple comparisons post-test (p values are indicated as follows: ** P < 0.01, and *** P < 0.0001). Panel C: IL-1β and IL-1α concentrations in BALF collected from mice 48 hrs following intranasal infection with either WT or galU mutant strains of FT were determined via multiplex cytokine analysis. Statistical analyses were performed via unpaired t tests and two-tailed p values are indicated.

Jayakar et al. BMC Microbiology 2011 11:179   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-11-179
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