Figure 2.

Subclade phylogeny and geographic distribution. (A) CanSNP phylogeny of the Georgian subclades within the Br.013 group. Terminal subclades representing sequenced strains are shown as stars and intervening nodes representing collapsed branches are indicated by circles. Newly identified branches are indicated in red and previously published branches are indicated in black. The right vertical black bars indicate the subclades that comprise the two major lineages within the B.Br.013 group. The number of isolates (n), MLVA genotypes (G), and a number in quotations to digitally represent each Georgian subclade on the distribution map. Dashes (- -) indicate hypothetical branch lengths for collapsed nodes. (B) Distribution of Georgian lineage subclades in the country of Georgia. The global geographic map indicates Georgia colored as red (lower left) and dashed lines show an enlarged map of Georgia at the district scale. Subclade and MLVA genotypes for each isolate are shown alphanumerically. The number corresponds to subclade designations in the expanded Georgian (B.Br.027) lineage of the B.Br.013 group phylogenetic tree in (A), and the letter corresponds to MLVA genotypes indicated in Table 2 and in Additional file 4. Subclade and MLVA genotypes are also shown for the two Crimean isolates, indicated by an arrow pointing in the direction of the Crimean peninsula (upper left).

Chanturia et al. BMC Microbiology 2011 11:139   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-11-139
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