Figure 1.

Plasmid profiles of selected R. leguminosarum bv. trifolii nodule isolates. (A) Profiles obtained in Eckhardt-type agarose gel electrophoresis; stars colored in green indicate pSym plasmids. Lanes: 1-RtTA1; 2-Rlv 3841; 3-K2.2; 4-K2.4; 5-K2.9; 6-K3.6; 7-K3.8; 8-K3.12; 9-K3.16; 10-K3.22; 11-K4.11; 12-K4.13; 13-K4.15; 14-K4.16; 15-K4.17; 16-K5.6; 17-K8.7; 18-K9.2; 19-K9.8; 20-K10.7; 21-K10.8, 22-K12.5 (B) PFGE separated replicons of Rlt nodule isolates further submitted to hybridization assays. The names of plasmids of Rlv 3841 strain, used as molecular weight markers were shown [6]. Molecular weight of Rlv 3841 plasmids is: 870, 684, 488, 353, 152, 147.5 kb. The letters on the respective bands of particular plasmids of individual strains indicates the plasmid name, e.g., "a" indicates pRlea plasmid. Lanes: 1-Rlv 3841; 2-RtTA1; 3-K2.4; 4-K3.12; 5-K3.16; 6-K4.13; 7-K4.17; 8-K5.6; 9-K9.2; 10-K10.4; 11-K3.8; 12-K4.11; 13-K8.7; 14-K9.8; 15-Rlv 3841; 16-RtTA1; 17-K2.2; 18-K2.9; 19-K3.6; 20-K3.22; 21-K5.4, 22-K10.7, 23-K10.8, 25-K3.13, 26-K4.15.

Mazur et al. BMC Microbiology 2011 11:123   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-11-123
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