Figure 3.

Changes in repetitive sequences involved in strain-specific expression and secretion of putative adhesins of P. acnes. (a) Insertion of a 12 bp repeat in the 5'-end of PPA2141 in P. acnes strains P6 and 266 results in an altered N-terminus. PPA2141 is secreted only by strain KPA. (b) Proline-threonine (PT) repeats at the C-terminus of PPA1880; these repeats are conserved in the indicated P. acnes strains. (c) Changes in the number of guanine residues in the upstream region of PPA1880, resulting in altered sizes of the spacer region of the possible promoter (in green: putative -35 and -10 region of the promoter; in red: predicted start codon). An alternative consequence of these alterations is shown in Fig. S2. PPA1880 is only secreted by strain P6. (d) Sequence differences of PPA2127: mutated start codon in strain KPA and variation of the C tract in the 5' end of the gene. PPA2127 is only secreted by strain 266. (e) Different numbers of PT repeats at the C-terminus of PPA2127.

Holland et al. BMC Microbiology 2010 10:230   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-10-230
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