Figure 5.

Genetic relationship between plasmid and chromosomally inherited hlyA genes. Clustal analysis of 633 bp internal hlyA sequence of strains 84-3208 (pEO11) [GenBank FN673696], 84-2 S (pEO14) [FN673697], 84-R (pEO13) [FN673698], 84-2195 (pEO9) [FN673699], C4115 (pEO5) [FM180012], CB860 (pEO860) [FN673700], CB853 (pEO853) [FN673701], CB857 (pEO857) [FN673702], 84-2573 (pEO12) [FN673703], KK6-16 [FN673704], 536 PAI I [AJ488511], 536 PAI II [AJ494981], CFT073 [AE014075], UTI98[CP000243] and J96 [M10133]. UPGMA was used as tree building method and distances calculated according to Tajima and Nei 1984 [45].

Burgos and Beutin BMC Microbiology 2010 10:193   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-10-193
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