Figure 5.

Insertions in the genome of Bacteroides fragilis 638R carry C10 protease homologues. Genome alignment of B. fragilis strains 638R and NCTC9343 was generated using the Artemis Comparison Tool. The co-ordinates for the insertions are from the unpublished 638R genome. Genes in the insertions are represented by horizontal open coloured arrows and are described below (see also Tables 5 and 6). The G+C content of the insertions is plotted in the lowest section of each panel. The grey horizontal line in each case represents the average G+C content for the genome. For both panels the C10 proteases are represented by horizontal red arrows and the pale blue arrows are genes that are not directly related to the skeleton of the particular mobile genetic element. Panel A. The insertion Bfgi1 has the features of a CTn. The putative integrase and excisionase genes (Int and Ex respectively), ABC transporters (ABC), mobilization genes (Mob), and transfer genes (Tra) are represented by royal blue, dark green, grey and yellow arrows respectively. Panel B. The insertion Bfgi2 has the architecture of a Siphoviridae bacteriophage. The lysis cassette, tail region, head regions, packaging (Pkg) and the replication and modification genes (Rep/Mod) are represented by teal, mid-grey, moss green, royal blue and peach arrows respectively.

Thornton et al. BMC Microbiology 2010 10:122   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-10-122
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